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Selling Your Home? Here Are Your Marketing Must Haves

The real estate industry is changing and the old ways of marketing your home simply aren’t enough in todays market. With constantly evolving technology and different ways that the public are consuming content, it’s crucial that your home is getting in front of the MOST eyes as possible- that’s where we come in.

No matter the price range of your home we have an in depth and strategic marketing plan for all of our listings.

You only have 1 chance to make a first impression to potential buyers so it’s important to get your home in to great list shape.

1. STAGING: If the home isn't occupied, we work with professional stagers to make your home look it’s absolute best. A 2021 National Association of Realtors™ study on home staging reported that 82% of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. My friend and Stager Extraordinaire, Kerry with Shamrock Hill Design, shares some other amazing reasons why staging is important in "6 Reasons Why You Should Stage in a Seller's Market".

2. PROFESSIONAL PHOTO/VIDEO: We offer high resolution professional photography of your home- no fish bowl lease here! Professional photos are imperative to get online browsers to actually walk though your front door. A full video will allow potential buyers to really get a feel for the space and encourage them to want to come see more.

3. DRONE: This is the fun stuff. Live on a farm? Next to a lake? Have amazing outdoor entertaining areas? Drone footage will showcase your property and neighborhood. Buyers will get to see a view that would otherwise be unavailable to see.

4. 3D MATTERPORT: We were early adopters of using 3D Matterport to showcase our clients homes. This is a technology that allows potential buyers to view your home in a “dollhouse” view and click through the home as if they were actually walking around in it. During COVID this helped our clients portray the full scope of their home while limiting the amount of looky-loos through the door.

5. CUSTOM WEBSITE: Along with professional photo and video we create a custom webpage specific to your property. This site includes the full suite of photos along with important information and stats about the home and neighborhood. We share this URL with prospective buyers and give it to you to disperse as you please.

6. MLS LIST: We use all the amazing images and footage we have to get in front of the masses. Your home will be listed on Maryland Multiple List Site and dispersed to multiple 3rd party sites online like Zillow and

7. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING: Speaking of online marketing, we’ve learned the power of social media and through curated posts and paid advertisements across multiple accounts and channels we ensure that your home is being seen.

Agents can get complacent with marketing, especially in a seller’s market but in order to ensure that your home is being seen by the MOST amount of people and in the BEST possible light, a full strategic marketing plan is essential.

Curios about what else goes in to listing your home so that you can sell for top dollar? Download this FREE Seller Guide for more information!

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