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How to Maximize Your Profits When Selling Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home and maximize your profit?

First and foremost prior to doing any renovations ask your real estate agent to do an evaluation on your home and discuss your plans with them. It’s important to know how much value you are actually adding. Additionally it will help you determine how much you should spend, or if it's even necessary.

As great as HGTV is, sometimes those renovation plans are simply overkill.

Short of knocking down walls or adding extra bedrooms there are several things that you can do to immediately improve your homes value.

Start with what everyone sees first. Try increasing curb appeal with simple landscaping, fresh flowers, and a new coat of paint.

Second, look for dated items in the interior and consider replacing things like cabinetry hardware, lighting fixtures, and touch up the walls.

Lastly, make the home low maintenance by replacing or repairing old components that have excessive wear and tear like an old water heater.

Curious what you should do in your personal home? Email for a FREE consultation.

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