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Tucked in a little nook between Federal Hill and the stadiums, Otterbein is a historic neighborhood with a TON of charm and amazing homes.

Otterbein is such a hidden gem of a neighborhood. It has amazing old homes that range from quirky small row homes and lofts to large brownstone-esq homes. Residents have the joy on walking to Federal Hill Main St area, the Inner Harbor, and the Stadiums all within minutes.

The neighborhood began in the mid 1800s and was the home of people in the shipping industry. After the fire of 1904 the neighborhood saw a major decline so it took part in the $1 house sale in 1975. Over 100 homes were sold for $1 and part of the revitilization.

Otterbein has swim club whose private passes are in high demand.

Parks: Solo Gibbs Park, Federal Hill Park, Gateway Park

Grocery Store: Nearest to Harris Teeter and Giant

Gyms: Nearest to Federal Hill Fitness, Merritt, KnockOut Fitness, and Cross Fit

Schools: Fed Hill Prep, Digital Harbor high School

Molly's Pick: Morning Mugs is a cute little coffee shop in the neighborhood. Formerly Hanover and Hughes with great coffee and a good place to remote work


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