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Federal Hill

I may be biased because I call Federal Hill home, but it truly has so much to offer!

The neighborhood of Federal Hill located on the Southern peninsula and named after Federal Hill Park which sits on its Northern edge. Although many people refer to South Baltimore (SoBo and Riverside) as Federal Hill, the actual neighborhood is only about 11 square blocks right around the park and is a designated Historic District.

Federal Hill is comprised of 1800s row homes along with some condos and more recently apartment buildings. With great parks, schools, restaurants, bars, gyms, cafes, and easy access to I-95 it makes it a very popular place to call home.

Parks: Federal Hill Park

Grocery Store: Harris Teeter, Giant (Coming Soon)

Gym: Merritt, Federal Hill Fitness, KnockOut Fitness, CrossFit Federal Hill

Schools: Fed Hill Prep, Digital Harbor High School

Molly's pick: SoBotanical is a sweet little "aromatherapy bar" located on Cross St and has an array of essential oils, skin and hair care products and other apothecary treats.


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